Alphabet Soup


What is Alphabet Soup?

This is a very easy and simple keyword research technique. For this technique you would need two tools:

  • A keyword tool (e.g. Jaaxy, WA Keyword Tool etc.)
  • Google Instant

How does it work?

Choose a root keyword which is relevant to your niche. For example: if your niche is promoting a keyword research tool, then start with the word “keyword”. After typing “keyword”, Google Instant will start giving suggestions.

The next step is to go through the letter of the alphabet with the root search term. That means, you type the word “keyword” and then the letter “a”, “b” , “c” etc.

Continue checking the alphabet until you find the appropriate keyword term. Then load it into a keyword tool. In my case, I have chosen “keyword advertising”. Here is the result on the WA Keyword Tool:

Now, click on View Result under Competition to review the result. Here what you get:

Now, there is another way how to use Google Instant to find keywords. This time you put the letter “a” before the search term and without a space between the keyword and the “letter”. Here is an example:

You can also add the words “how” or “what” etc. before the search keyword. Just try it! It’s a lot of fun! Then of course load it into a keyword tool to get the results. This way, you can create a lot of keywords!

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