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Life is more fun if you play games

(Roald Dahl)

Can You Guess What the Most Popular Activity Online is?

Playing Online Games Free!


Do you know that 44 % of the world’s online population are gamers?

It is estimated that over one billion people worldwide  play online games on a regular basis–with more than 100 million playing daily!

Eager Zebra is the name of the game division at TripleClicks (SFI’s international superstore).

Many of the games allow players to play multiple times for free every day, but some games require a TCredit (a form of digital currency used at TripleClicks) to play.


I always enjoy playing Eager Zebra games when I need a break.

As an SFI affiliate, you are automatically positioned to profit from online gaming.


Eager Zebra offers many kind of games! What I like most is Knockout Trivia and Grandmaster Poker. Just try it!

Play free now!



I will be glad to answer any question you might have and any comments are much appreciated. Please leave your question or comment below in the comments’ section.


2 Replies to “Eager Zebra Games – SFI”

  1. Hey friend,

    Thanks for sharing this post with me. For sure I will agree with you that playing games can be a fun and very interesting, especially when you do it at your leisure time.

    I love playing games myself, especially during my leisure time. I remember those time when I was in school, I used to play a tot of games on my PC. But now as you said games are available not just on your PC but also on the internet.

    In actually fact I have never heard about this eager zebra games sfi and I will surely want to see how it looks like to play this kind of game. I know as you said it will be full of fun. but I am yet to try it myself to see just how it works.

  2. I love games! They are a great way to de-stress from a long day! I’ve never heard of Eager Zebra before, but it sounds like my kind of site! I will have to remember that one and try it out.

    I also like a friendly game of poker every now and then (even if I’m not great at it- lol)
    Does the Grandmaster Poker site play with real money or use another system? I’d be interested.

    Thanks for this! I think I might go play now. 🙂

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