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If you want to start something new, something that you have no idea about it, however, you would like and want to know about it.

How would you start?

First of all, you must have a real desire to do it.

Is the power of DESIRE enough to do it?


What you need is to LEARN how to do it. A desire to LEARN is the key to TRAINING success. So, you would need TRAINING. That means first you need to gain more knowledge in order to do it.

Are LEARNING/TRAINING and DESIRE enough to do it?


What you need is to practise! You have to practice what you have learnt. That means you would need to apply what you have learnt.



What do you need when you get stuck or don’t know how to apply something?

You would need HELP!

Getting immediate help when you need it, wouldn’t let you get in a frustrating situation but keep you advance further and further in order to reach your goal.

Don’t you think you would achieve any goal, if you have:

  • the desire
  • the training (learning material)
  • the opportunity to practise/apply what you have learnt, and
  • the immediate help whenever you need?

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I will be glad to answer any question you might have and any comments are much appreciated. Please leave your question or comment below in the comments’ section.

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  1. Hi Balsam, Just checked out your page and wanted to offer you some feedback here. First thing I noticed is that that most of if not all of content seems to favor the right side of your pages. Is there a reason you did it this way. You have some nice visuals, but they do not seem to be linked to any other pages. You menu looks fine. I like the video content that you have inserted as part of your content. I click on that just to see if you had it linked properly and it seemed to work just fine. Over all I think you have a great niche and this website is definately headed in the right direction. Nice site and keep up the good work. Thanks Mike

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