The Importance of Keywords Search



Keywords are words and phrases that make a substantial contribution to a NICHE and are used for the purpose of building content around them.

Increasing a Website Traffic

What is the meaning of traffic?

Traffic is the visitors of a website. It is the number of clicks for a keyword.

How to get visitors to a website?

A good content can definitely attract people to visit a website! Coming up with good ideas and using appropriate keywords and keywords phrases in posts and pages will surely get people visiting a website.


Traffic is the root of success!

Finding the appropriate keywords which attract a relevant audience will lead to search engine rankings and traffic to your website, that means you will get rankings within the search engines.

Example for Search Engines: Google, Yahoo or Bing.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

The SEO Power indicate if a keyword is suitable for obtaining SEO rankings.

How to search for a keyword ?

When you search for a keyword, pay attention to the following:

  • Is the competition low?
  • Is the the traffic high?
  • Is the keyword making any sense?

So, the search of keywords or keyword phrases should make sense, have a high traffic and low competition.

Searching for keywords is very easy when using a keyword tool. At Wealthy Affiliate, there is keyword search tool free for Premium Members. This tool is good enough for searching keywords.

However, if you are looking for an excellent and advanced keyword tool, then try Jaaxy! It is a platform where you can search for keywords, domains, website ranking etc. Jaaxy is very efficient ! Within a few seconds, you will get good results for your website.



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  1. I appreciate how simple you made this. It’s definitely seems true that the Keywords are a big Key to success. I need to do more work in this area.

  2. Thank You for the great information. The way you designed your website will excite those who have not figured out how to do online marketing yet. It easily gets to the point and is very positive.

    Thanks again for the lucrative information,

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