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How to Earn Money with SFI?


—  Scoring VersaPoints* (VP) – a minimum of 1500 VP per month is required to qualify for profit sharing.

—  Generating sales at TripleClicks – each time someone you have referred to TripleClicks or SFI buys something at, you earn a 45% CV** Direct Commission***.

—  Team building (sponsoring) and teaching them to do what you do (duplication/VersaPoints Matching).

—  Advertising and promoting products from your ECA and TripleClicks.

—  Advertising SFI and TripleClicks on websites and social media.


*VersaPoints (VP): are points awarded to affiliates for a variety of actions. The more points affiliates earn each month, the higher their SFI commissions can go.

 **Commission Volume (CV):  it is the difference between the product’s wholesale cost and the retail price. The difference between the two is called the Gross Margin.  CV is typically 65% of the Gross Margin. The higher the margin, the higher the CV.

***Direct Commission (DC): income you can earn each time one of your personally sponsored SFI  affiliates (PSA) and/or personally referred TripleClicks Members (PRM) place an order at

TripleClicks is SFI’s international superstore! is a state-of-the-art e-commerce community fully integrated with the SFI system.


SFI is the best online business and a great place to learn and earn. So, if you’re wanting to join an honest company to grow your business, SFI is the right place to be.

I would be glad to answer any question you might have and any comments are much appreciated. Please leave your question or comment below in the comments’ section.


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