What is a Niche?

A niche is a group of people who are looking for something: your target audience!

How to find a Niche for a Website?

Start asking yourself:

  • What do I want or like to do?
  • What is what I am interested in?
  • What is my hobby?
  • What do I want to know about?
  • What I am passionate about?

So, choosing an interest, a hobby or a passion you really ENJOY to write, talk or learn about it, will be the right niche for your website. Finding good niches will help you to succeed online.

How to earn Money finding the right Niche?

As I said before, choosing a niche should be something that you like to do it – something you enjoy doing, talking and learning about!

Have you ever thought about the online world? It is the biggest marketplace in the world!

When you choose your niche, you have to be more specific about that group of people you are going to sell your products to. This will be your target audience! For example: you are interested in travelling. Travelling is not a niche! It is covering a wide scope! You have to be specific on that point!

Please watch the following video by Wealthy Affiliate founder, Kyle, explaining what a niche is:

Let me tell you, once you have found the right niche, you will have fun to start your online business.

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12 Replies to “Niche”

  1. It is just so amazing how much people are making a living on the internet from something that they have a passion for. the good part about all of his is making monies from that which you love. The benefits of writing your blog and getting paid to do so is just so great, no more nine to five, no more boss, spending more time with family members, making a good salary and all of the other good stuff. Niche marketing is great business.

  2. It should definitely be something you’re passionate about. Once you pick your niche the real work begins. WA is definitely the place to be to make that happen.

  3. Wealth Affiliate seems great however I find out how is their hosting plan? Is it secured and does it protect from spams?

    1. Hi Furkan!

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is great!

      Regarding hosting plan and spam, you will get as a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) the following:

      – A highly optimized and simplified hosting platform
      – The ability to MOVE websites from one domain to another
      – The Ability to fire up FREE Websites on demand
      – Full Redundancy (100% backed-up to the minute)
      – The latest and greatest hosting technology (your websites are always hosted on the highest powered servers available)
      – Automated recovery processes
      – Personal website monitoring and maintenance
      – Removal of “rogue” plugins and themes
      – Comment spam management and behavioural assessment (so you don’t even get the spam in the first place)
      – Website integrity updates the continually improve how your WordPress sites function, based on the latest version of WP

      Please note that for a similar host ONLY, you would be looking at a minimum of $75 per month and only for hosting!

      As Premium Member, you are getting at WA in addition to the hosting, the following:

      – The Community and the Live Help
      – Access to Industry Experts
      – Personal Access to the Owners
      – World Class Training (1,000’s of resources)
      – Keyword Research Tools
      – Weekly Live Video Classes
      – Unlimited Access to Website Builder
      – One of the Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs in the World
      – Ambassadorship Program (Ability to Pay it Forward)
      – Incentive Programs
      – Business Productivity Tools (Rapid Writer, Link Tracking, KW Lists)
      – Access to ALL Future Updates

      Please let me know should you have any further question!
      Wishing you a great day!

  4. Does this mean a niche could really be ANYTHING?!? Wow that is powerful. I guess my niche is family life and motherhood. Do you think I could make a living on that idea…somehow?

    1. Hi Ally!

      The answer is YES!

      I think it would be a good idea! Just do a keyword research first to make sure the topic doesn’t have too much competition. I hope you know how to use the keyword tool which is on the left side of your WA home page.

      Wishing you good luck and let me know should you need any further help!


  5. It’s a really cool feeling to know that I can come online and work at something I like – waking up every morning and enjoying your job must be sooooo nice!
    What happens if your hobby is quite diverse? Are there earning opportunities with every single niche out there? Will some options struggle?

    1. Hi Chris!
      Thank you for your comment!

      Are you a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate?

      Regarding your question:
      You can choose any niche, but it should be something that you are passionate about. It should attract people!

      Ask yourself:
      Who is my customer? What problem am I solving?

      Please note that not every niche can be successfully monetised.

      Wishing you all success you dream of!

  6. I’m currently looking into becoming a blogger and affiliate marketer, and I’m so happy to have found your article on finding a niche. 🙂

    At least now, I’m on the right path to starting my very first online business, and I will certainly watch the video on choosing a niche.

    Thanks for putting me on the right path towards affiliate marketing success.


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