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Matching Versapoints = Matching Profit Sharing

How does the SFI system work?

It is very simple! For each VersaPoints (VP) you accumulate during the month, you will receive one share of the month’s  TripleClicks Executive Pool, provided you attain a minimum of 1500 VP during the month. So, the more VP you score, the more shares you will earn from the pool.

What are Matchting VP?

VersaPoints Matching means that every month you can get matching shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool on every affiliate under you within up to 12 generations down line (and on every one of your Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs), too). In other words, for every VP they earn, YOU can earn matching VP.

The requirement is:

You have to be a Team Leader!

— Bronze Team Leader earns matching VP on all Executive Affiliates (EAs) in his/her team within 6 generations (and on all EA CSAs, too)
— Silver Team Leader earns matching VP on all EAs in his/her team within 8 generations (and on all EA CSAs, too)
— Gold Team Leader earns matching VP on all EAs in his/her team within 10 generations (and on all EA CSAs, too)
— Platinum Team Leader earns matching VP on all EAs in his/her team within 12 generations (and on all EA CSAs, too)
— Diamond Team Leader earns matching VP on all EAs in his/her team within 12 generations (and on all EA CSAs, too), plus double matching VP on EA affiliates on his/her 12th generation.

Matching VP Example: You are a Silver Team Leader. The EAs in your first 8 generations and your CSAs account for a total of 57,500 VP this month, so YOU earn a matching 57,500 shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool.

The Key

The most important thing to understand about Matching VP is that it is the powerful LEVERAGED INCOME component of the compensation plan, one of the two most important elements for building wealth. So, as a Team Leader, one of the things you’ll most want to do is help all of your team members score lots of VP every month because for every VP they score, YOU will earn another share of the TripleClicks Executive Pool. The higher they go, the higher YOU go!

But it goes much farther! Every month you can earn matching profit shares on every affiliate you sponsor. But you can also earn matching profit shares on every affiliate THEY sponsor…and that THEY sponsor…and so on…down a full 12 total generations on your team. Indeed, many affiliates earn thousands of matching shares, some hundreds of thousands of matching shares, each month on the activities of hundreds of affiliates within their 12-generation team!

How to grow your Matching Shares?

Whenever you refer someone to SFI, you become their “Sponsor.”  As their sponsor, help them get started. Teach them, encourage them, and cheer them on! Soon they will be scoring VersaPoints and sponsoring their own affiliates and adding generations of even more affiliates to your team!  As this “duplication” continues month after month, your earnings can grow exponentially as you begin earning thousands of additional profit shares.

TIP: A good way to get your team members to score a lot of VP is to “lead by example” and score a lot of VP yourself. How will they know you’re accumulating a large amounts of VP?  Your badges on your Leadership Page, your position on the VP Leaderboard, etc. tell the story.

SFI is the best online business and a great place to learn and earn. So, if you’re wanting to join an honest company to grow your business, SFI is the right place to be.

I would be glad to answer any question you might have and any comments are much appreciated. Please leave your question or comment below in the comments’ section.


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