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Review on Wealthy Affiliate


NAME: Wealthy Affiliate

WEBSITE: www.WealthyAffiliate.com

OWNERS: Kyle & Carson

OVERALL RANK: 98 out of 100

PRICE: Starter Membership, $ 0

PRICE: Premium Membership, $ 49/month or $ 359/year



Wealthy Affiliate is a community founded in 2005. It is an online platform that teaches you how to build a legit business through affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate helps you to achieve financial success and build your online business, regardless of your background, your technical knowledge or your experience. It is the most innovative Internet Business community online where you get access to the most powerful training platform in the world.


  • Free to get started
  • 2 Free websites (WordPress) with hosting
  • Spam free environment
  • Video walk through training, tutorial training and courses
  • Live video training
  • Access to industry experts
  • Live and interactive help
  • Unlimited support form Wealthy Affiliate community
  • The founders Kyle & Carson are active within the community


  • Getting overwhelmed at the beginning because of the huge amount of  information
  • Receiving too many notifications from Wealthy Affiliate at the beginning
  • People from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria, Philippines and Vietnam are not accepted as Starter Members
  • As Wealthy Affiliate is a highly interactive community, it happens that you spend too much time chatting and not working on your business

Wealthy Affiliate is almost for everyone!

There is only an exception for people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria, Philippines and Vietnam: they are not offered Free Starter Membership but Premium Membership.


High quality training for newbies and advanced marketers teaching how to create a successful online business.

The training within WA will teach you how to turn any interest, idea or passion into a lucrative business.

Live Classes are running weekly!

Task oriented training – step by step!

There are two training programs within Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification: for people who want to build a business within their own chosen niche (interest, idea, passion).

  • WA Affiliate Bootcamp: for people who want to build a business promoting Wealthy Affiliate.


Support is available not only from other members of the WA community, but also from the co-founders, Kyle and Carson, who are very active within the community on a daily basis. All are ready to help you out just as I will be as your Sponsor.


Joining Wealthy Affiliate offers you two options: either you choose something you are passionate about (passion = niche) or you promote the Wealthy Affiliate Program.



Wealthy Affiliate offers two options:

  • Starter Membership: $ 0
  • Premium Membership: $ 49/month or $ 359/year

Membership Price Option


Reading this review means that you are interested in learning how to create an online business and earn money. You don’t need any experience or technical/marketing  knowledge. You are going to learn everything here at Wealthy Affiliate. Please consider Wealthy Affiate as a product. You can test this product for seven days, that means you have access to all the trainings and great tools. You can immediately start to create your website which is the foundation of building a successful online business.


Join the Starter Membership, it is FREE and you would not regret it. I am a Premium Member and I highly recommend it. Join now and set-up your account.  You will love it! It is very simple!

I have a special surprise for you and I will be contacting you once you are inside Wealthy Affiliate:  Special Bonus!

When you join your free Starter Account, I will offer you a bonus if you decide to become a Premium Member in the first seven days: you are going to get a 59 % discount on your first month Premium Membership (paying $ 19 instead of $ 49). When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be contacting you in your profile with some more information, how to contact me, and how to claim your bonus.



I will be glad to answer any question you might have and any comments are much appreciated. Please leave your question or comment below in the comments’ section.

15 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. This is a good start. Need to put your comment box on your pages. Also when I click on the about me then try to go back to the front page your comment box disappears. Good Luck, and Happy New Year

  2. hi balsam . good start . not sure of the reference to the 7 groups of folk who cant join as starter members though. especially as in the next bit you say anyone can join , still a good start though , possibly could do with a bit of colour , but it will come .

  3. Hey Balsam,
    It’s great that you’re spreading the word about Wealthy Affiliate. It truly is a wonderful community, packed with useful information.
    Keep up the good work,

  4. Hello Balsam
    I have really enjoyed reading your Wealthy Affiliate review, what they offer, the training and all.
    Although $49 a month may look quite a lot to some, with all WA has to offer, keyword tool, live webinar, live chat it`s well worth every cent.
    Another really positive point in WA is the free one week trial, this gives new members a chance to see if it`S the right program without spending a cent.
    Thanks for sharing, I have really enjoyed your review.

  5. Thank you Roamy for your comment!
    For somebody who is serious about building business and would work hard, despite having a permanent job, the $ 49 per month is really not so much! Here at WA I have a lot of fun with learning and trying new things. I really enjoy everything! I still consider myself as a newbie regarding Internet and marketing. However, after one year I hope to reach my goal: to have a successful business online!

  6. When it comes to building websites and making monies from from those websites wealthy affiliate is number one, there is no other business that I know of like wealthy affiliate when it comes to this type of work. When we look at the community that is there to help you, you know that you are not alone, the training is good and the tools are awesome. Weatlhy affiliate is making a big difference in the lives of so many people. This review of wealthy affiliate is so awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks Norman for your comment! It’s much appreciated!
    I just agree with you about the great training and tools at WA; and of course the immediate help you get from the WA community, is just wonderful!

  8. That’s really proffesional work i like the Program and reasonable Cost. Thanks for tweeting. Wish you alot of success Balsam

  9. For the high score you give Wealthy Affiliate and the fact that you can anyone can start for free is an awesome sign that WA is truly legitimate. It’s not very often that we come across legit programs in the world of making money online these days. So it’s refreshing to come across WA here. 🙂

    Personally, I think it’s AMAZING that Wealthy Affiliate gives us all the training, tools and support for online affiliate marketing success. Upgrading to Premium seems totally worth the price when you consider what you receive as a member.

    Thanks for your review.


    1. Thanks Neil for your comment! I consider myself very lucky that I came across WA! I think anyone who has tried WA for free, this person will stick to it!
      Have a great day!

  10. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a good way to get into the affiliate marketing business. It provides you with all the knowledge and skills you need at a really low price considering the value you’re getting from it. I think they might under-exaggerate the work you have to put in, but it’s a good program.

    1. Thanks Jake for your comment! You are right you have to invest a lot of work and time to be successful but as you said it is a good program.

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